In partnership with SportAcademy, local institutions and other sponsors, the Medacta for Life Foundation is participating in financing an important project for our local area!

For several years, Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio have been facing a saturation of sports facilities and gyms. While on the one hand the data is very positive because it certifies a population that is active in sport and young people who continue to approach sport, on the other hand it reflects the fact that it is increasingly difficult to offer associations and teams suitable places to meet and train throughout the year. Added to this is the issue of new training techniques, the difficulty of the exercises imposed by the federations, and the demand for high safety standards: fundamental topics for the various sports clubs and far from easy to implement in school gyms.

Hence the need to think of a new facility that could relieve the saturation of the current sport centres, and respectively add value to the promotion of sport and the training of young athletes. A project team made up of four societies: GEM, DOJO, SAT Chiasso and SAT Mendrisio (representing three sporting disciplines specifically: artistic gymnastics, martial arts and mountaineering), was appointed to promote the project.

Medacta for Life Foundation, driven by a desire to sustain a project for young people, sport and the region, has joined in support of the project finally named SportAcademy, co-financing the construction of a new gymnasium in Genestrerio.

The construction work opens in June 2022 and will be completed during the summer of 2023 for the inauguration in October.

The building will include a gymnastics area, a Dojo room (15x18m) and two 9x8m climbing walls.

Once completed, the building will also be accessible through a use agreement to the employees of Medacta International and the Medacta for Life Foundation, as well as to the students of the My School Ticino.

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